We have the capability to manufacture to ANY drawing.

 Our machines can manufacture up to 14m in length !  

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Whittle Flooring Company Ltd has become a "Centre of Excellence" in CNC machining technology with a vast experience of machining timber products to fine engineering tolerances.

 Having adopted a "Lean Manufacturing"approach to production our state of art integrated CAD/CAM and Optimisation programs ensure maximum material yield as well minimizing machining time. Twin head and twin bed CNC machines also help to reduce machining cost and increase capacity. Our largest 5 axis machine is capable of machining a single sheet size of 14.5m x 2.5m, offering our customers the option of a whole vehicle floor in single piece.

 Whittle Flooring Company Limited's ISO 9001Quality Management System has been certified by BSI under certificate number FM623448. Our high standards are driven by continuous improvement based on a factual approach to decision making using statistical analysis and results from our own in-house material test facility. Our customer focussed approach to quality includes a mutually beneficial relationship with our supplier chain.  

Whittle Flooring Company Limited's ISO 14001Environmental Management System has been certified by BSI under certificate number EMS623449. The backbone of our environmental policy is to source our timber products from sustainable forests with a full chain of custody from PEFC accredited suppliers. With the efficient use of raw materials and energy resources under constant review we are able to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
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